My next TV performances in Germany

04. Mai 2014, 20:15h - VOX: Kocharena - Grill den Henssler - GZSZ-Special

11. Mai 2014, 20:15h - VOX: Kocharena - Grill den Henssler

15. Juni 2014, 11h - ZDF: Fernsehgarten

Heinz Horrmann is Germany's Hotel Inspector

A friendly welcome!

Heinz Horrmann

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
It is no secret that I love to travel. It is my passion to experience the most sophisticated hotels and resorts around the world.  My columns are published in these major German newspapers: Die Welt, Die Welt am Sonntag and The Berliner Morgenpost.

For along time now I have been member of jury of the well-known German TV show “Kocharena” (VOX TV) and I appreciate the many positive letters we have received.


A new TV show with famous football manager Reiner Calmund will start later the year in Germann free TV.

Pillow Talk by Heinz Horrmann

Pillow Talk by Heinz Horrmann

The former Editor-in-chief from the renowned newspaper WELT and WELT AM SONNTAG, Heinz Horrmann, is without a doubt Germany’s hotel-expert „Number 1“ and one of the very best hotel critic in the world.Few travel writers test as many hotels, cruise ships and long-haul flights annually as Heinz Horrmann has done. Today he is also very famous as charismatic juror in the VOX-Kocharena and as “Hoteltester” at RTL in television. Horrmann has published thirty-five travel, hotel and gourmet volumes. In April 2001 he became the first (and up to now, only) journalist to have been awarded the coveted Five-Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences as “Best Hotel Author”. In the same year, he was also awarded the German Federal Cross of Merit for “services to German hostelry and gastronomy”. The news network CNN dubbed him in a portrait the best hotel critic in the world. In his books “Pillow Talk” he tells from some of his most unbelievable, but true hotel experiences during his many journeys to the best hotels of the world. His inimitable style is sometimes unashamedly critical and sometimes ironic, but it is always entertaining. His stories are full of charm and self-irony, rendering this application for the iPhone and iPad highly readable.


Here are some “appetizers” of stories, you never could imagine, but which has been all experienced by Heinz Horrmann during his journeys around the world:

  • Fire alarm: With Robbie Williams in the underground car park
  • In the world’s most expensive hotel: What a sniffer dog was doing on the bed
  • Hidden camera in room 110: How an American hotel director watched on live
  • High-society princess: How Paris Hilton flooded a hotel during a wild party
  • Europe’s castle hotels: Living like a prince
  • Guest house in the South Pacific: Where guests are gifted the boss’s sister


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